About “Strefa Instalatora”

Welcome to the Strefa Instalatora (“Installer’s Zone”) blog. Here is what you should know about “Strefa Instalatora”!

We are the spin-off of the state-of-art B2B magazine (monthly and www) “Rynek Instalacyjny” (Installation Market), dedicated to sanitary+HVAC+HP+RES+gas installers. Our readers are:

  • plumbers and sanitary technicians;
  • HVAC (including gas, biomass and electricity), RES, HP contractors and servicemen,
  • natural and liquid gas contractors and servicemen,
  • electricians interested in PV and HP,
  • entrepreneurs (small business mainly),
  • pupils, students, apprentices :-).

We support the Polish sector of installers in their everday work, helping them with:

  • running the business;
  • professional development;
  • obeying and understanding the law;
  • being acquainted with generic, basic, advanced and innovative technical knowledge;
  • developing and strengthening skills.

If you feel like reaching out to Polish installers – gifted, compentent and avid for knowledge! – please contact us via e-mail.